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FullStack website developer, designer and steady archer.

Tendwa here, a Nairobi-based fullstack web developer and designer. I think that design is fundamental to how humans interact, navigate, and comprehend the environment. At the end of the day, I want to work on meaningful, human-centered experiences and satisfy my curiosity on a daily basis.

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website design, development and maintenance

What you can expect of designs, websites, applications and services

These characteristics are maintained in all of my projects. Consider this to be my quality assurance statement.

  • Responsive Website Design

    My websites are built to be consistent across devices and browsers, as well as to scale effectively on devices of various sizes. Your website's aesthetic attractiveness will be maintained across all devices.

  • Website Security

    Security is essential for both you and your guests. I protect the security of your Websites and apps by preventing spam and using optimal security practices.

  • Fast Website Speeds

    All web pages are designed to offer material in the lowest amount of time feasible, guaranteeing that your visitors do not leave your site.

  • Search Engine Friendly Website

    All pages are designed to be very semantic, competitive and rank highly in search engines. You're guaranteed of high-quality technical on-page SEO tactics and procedures.

  • Clean Code

    I use the finest languages, frameworks, tools, and best practices to create understandable, manageable, and high-quality code for websites and applications.

  • Timely

    You won't have to worry about missing deadlines or being in the dark about the status of your website if you have a clear work plan and open communication.

  • Website Maintenance and Support

    I'd be happy to provide maintenance for your websites and update your content as required in a timely fashion to keep you ahead. Our collaboration can continue and flourish even after deploying your website or application.

I'd be delighted to hear from you.

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Work and Paid Projects

  1. Xetova Supplier WeDeliver project logo

    FullStack Developer

    Xetova Supplier WeDeliver

  2. Eboda project logo

    FullStack Developer


  3. PayDel project logo

    FullStack Developer & Designer


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User Stories

  • Austin Kiugu cover image

    Austin Kiugu

    Co-Founder of PayDel

    Tendwa helped us and exceeded our expectations throughout the process, from start to finish. Not only was our experience personal and warm, but his ability to recognize and communicate our important themes in an original and unique manner instilled a great deal of trust in us.

  • Natasha Makindu cover image

    Natasha Makindu

    Co-Founder of PayDel

    Tendwa comes highly recommended from me. It was a wonderful experience, with great attention to detail and gorgeous aesthetics.

  • Chris Kivaze cover image

    Chris Kivaze


    Tendwa is amazing; he produces precisely what you want and is also a nice chap; thank you for all your hard work on my projects.

  • James Muindi cover image

    James Muindi


    Without a question, one of the most gifted programmers in the planet. When I'm out of my depth, I always turn to Tendwa, and he never fails to provide. Intelligent, trustworthy, and professional. You will not be let down.

What kind of websites and web applications do I build and who do I build them for?

These characteristics are maintained in all of my projects. Consider this to be my quality assurance statement.

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  • Students & Professionals

    Having a site to showcase your work, skills, or expertise is more crucial than ever. I can create a website portfolio for you to exhibit your projects. I can create everything you need to stand out, from online resumes to showcases of your finished work.

  • Small to Large Businesses

    I can help you establish or revamp a website that will provide your clients a great experience, whether you're a startup trying to get online or a large corporation with or without an existing website. Your website should convert visitors into paying clients. It's the equivalent of having a top-performing sales professional working 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Startups

    Do you want to present a fresh company concept to the market? I can assist you with building, testing, and deploying your prototype while you work on refining the concept into a well-equipped and optimized web-based application.

  • Existing Website Owners

    We can still achieve fantastic things together if you already have a website. We can improve the aesthetics, design, and user experience of your website. We can go further in areas such as user accessibility to guarantee that all of your users have the easiest and most comfortable access to your services.